Cory Doctorow and others send a tip that you can move files from Windows to Mac by turning on FTP on the Mac. Or use the built-in SMB support. Thanks to Julian Melville, Mike Cohen, Aaron Pressman and Christopher Fullford for the pointers. (It worked the second time, I have my music folder from my W2K machine mounted on my Mac OS X desktop.) Then I plugged in the iPod, and a few seconds later its icon showed up on the desktop. What's next? Suppose I should read the docs. [Scripting News]

Fed up with everything? Read this. Author Alan Cohen says he didn't merely write “Why Your Life Sucks” for cube dwellers with career angst. He charted a “road map out of hell” for everyone who has “come to accept soul starvation as a way of life.” Is he talking about you? [CNET]

US is a Christian Nation. In response to the recent court ruling regarding the unconstitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance, the White House speedily released several statements condemning the ruling. The article reads like something out of The Onion. []

Electronic Documents – more to come…

I'm overwhelmed at the response that I've gotten to the article that I wrote on using Adobe Acrobat to handle electronic documents.  I barely scratched the surface in that article.  There is so much more to be discussed, and so now I've got to map out a second article.  One thing I'll cover is how to use Acrobat to fill in forms, which seems to be something that people have no idea is an available option. 

Exhibit A: my wife (who's a lawyer) needed to fill out a grant application for the bar association group that she is involved with.  She asked her firm's computer people if it was possible to scan the document and then somehow fill it out.  They told her that was not possible.  Of course, they are totally wrong.  I scanned the 9 pages in about 5 minutes with my little Canon 690U ($79) USB scanner, and then created form fields for the document with Acrobat.  The next time someone wants to fill out that grant application form they can do it with their computer instead of a typewriter.   Why use typewriters for stuff like this? 

[Ernie the Attorney] [dws.]