When Do You Really Need a Lawyer? [Slashdot]

In my personal experience, if you are in business for yourself in any type of manner, it is a great idea to have a lawyer. I can't begin to count the number of times I've dropped a quick email to my lawyer who was immediately able to calm my fears or provide valuable information that might have saved my bacon down the road. Also, I have found that retaining an outstanding attorney can give you a strong sense of self-confidence. I do not worry about legal issues these days. I am very happy with my attorney and feel that I am well prepared to tackle almost any issue.

How to pick a Lawyer? – andy

These guidelines aren't for every person or every situation, but I find them useful.

1. Use a well-known firm, not a self-practicing attorney – When two lawyers go at it, either in court or via mail, you want your attorney's letterhead to be the one that carries the most punch.

2. Firms are better than individuals – I prefer firms because they carry a large majority of expertise. My personal attorney is the one who knows my situation. They know when to bring in an expert, and they are usually right down the hall. No referrals, no 'outside help' is required. Everything is under one roof.

3. Get a Quote – you cannot always determine the final bill, but if you need services, PLEASE ask for a quote. Lawyers have the most creativity in their billing methods. Knowing the ballpark of your next invoice will save you grey hair and keep your relationship strong.

4. The Right Attitude – sometimes, you need a 'friendly' lawyer who can smooth things out. Sometimes, you need a 14k asshole. Know the difference and know when to engage each type. They both have equal value, but you wouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, now would you?

5. Maintain the Relationship – Make your attorney your friend. You don't want to be “just another client.” Keep them updated on your events and milestones. Their corporate networks are immense and they are a great source of information.

Mended & HealedIn roughly 12 hours from my post last night about being beaten and bruised, I have been mended and healed. One piece of news can rip you apart – and the next piece can put you back faster than you can imagine.Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz. I can hardly wait to share this story.Peace to all.- AndyP.S. What's the lesson here? First, when you lose everything, you can always afford to pray. Secondly, If you make enough deposits into His account, He is quite likely to make you a loan.

MacWorldI received an email from MacWorld today. They are going to print my article in an upcoming issue. I'm not sure exactly which issue, but I'll let you know.SWEET!!- andy

Bruised & Beaten20 hours ago, I woke up ready to face a new and challenging day. What I was about to experience, no matter the weeks of mental preparation, I wasn't prepared. The simple fact is, I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't actually expect it.In the coming weeks, I'm going to do my best to educate the world on my “Lessons in Business.” I've been involved in a myriad of ventures and, while I'll admit to not being an expert, surely I have something worth sharing.Today's Thoughts1. Expect the unexpected.
I know that everyone says this, but really. You MUST do it. If you don't prepare for the worst, it might just happen.2. Act Quickly
When it comes to business, and saving your bacon, don't wait for perfect. Get it done. It has to be effective, but don't waste time going for the gold when silver will do fine. Deliver, and then move onto something bigger and better.3. Be Prepared
Millions of boy scouts and girl scouts can't be wrong. If you're not ready for that rainy day, you're gonna get wet.4. Insurance
Have a contingency plan. “What if ___________?” Make a list of what could happen to sink your business. Then, line by line, figure out how you would recover. Don't wait until it has already happened. By then, it will be too late.5. Determination
If you're not willing to finish the marathon, don't start the race.Tomorrow is another day. Bring it on. I'm ready. Are you?- andy

Why Post-Its SuckI personally think that if the computer had never been invented, post-it notes would never have caught on. You see, without the computer, we wouldn't have a need for a monitor. Without a monitor, where the heck would we stick our post-its?I have two computers on my desk, my Titanium G4 and my Linux box. Both monitors are constantly covered with post-its. The problem is – my post-its are invisible. Within 24 hours of being put on my monitor, they are invisible to my eyes. I instantly forget that I wrote something there so I wouldn't forget about it. Half of the time, the post-it has the exact information I'm looking for, but I can't remember that I put it there. Those big post-its? They are even worse. I hate to waste paper so I find myself writing different topics on the same paper. Pretty soon I only need a portion of the note, but I'm stuck keeping the whole thing around because the sticky part is only on the top.Have you ever thought about how the world would react if suddenly all of the post-its from around your monitor suddenly disappeared? Are your post-its the invisible kind? Do you manage your life with tiny sheets of self-adhesive paper? “letme”

StaminaSlava from Unsanity.org posted an article on what it takes to be a good programmer. One of those key traits is stamina.I have to admit – I think that this is a key piece missing from most apps. I find myself somewhat slipping. I'm working on making it better – but it's not by increasing my intake of caffeine – it's by making better use of my time.As time goes by, I have a harder time burning the midnight oil. It takes me longer to recharge. I find that I need to make better use of my waking hours, because they are fewer than they used to be. To that end, I'm trying to plan my days a bit better. Organize my thoughts. Start the day with a plan.How do you manager your time? “letme”

Mozilla Improvements.

Mozilla Improvements

If you are a Mozilla user (and if you aren't, you really need to think about it since Mozilla offers a solid, stable, advertising free, free alternative to Internet Explorer or Netscape 6+ / 7+).  Here are two cool things:

  • Phoenix — a faster version of the core Mozilla technology. 
  • Multizilla — a better version of the tabbed browsing feature in Mozilla. Tabbed browsing, a feature still not found in Internet Explorer, lets you avoid multiple browser windows by grouping them into “tabs”.  Given how multiple Internet Explorer windows lead to resource leaks (well at least for me), this is a welcome improvement.  From CamWorld.

Both qualify as recommended but bear in mind that Phoenix is still really at the techie, geekie hacker stage.

[The FuzzyBlog!]

Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X, Part 2

A great article by Alan Graham of O'Reilly fame.


In case you missed part 1


Article Review: This article was a big letdown. I was jazzed about learning how to set up a “real” homemade .Mac server, however the article only covered basics of creating a web page and publishing using FTP. What I really wanted to know was how to set up a webdav server so I could use/share information with others just like iDisk without having to rely on Apple's semi-clumsy iDisk platform. Alan's article left me wanting for more, but I don't know when he'll get around to delivering the goods. I have a feeling I'm better of Googling for it. – andy

A Welcome Weekend

I remember back in February, I had been “set free” by my former
employer for about two weeks. I was well on my way to getting my
consulting practice in full swing. I dreaded weekends. Nobody worked.
Everybody partied. It was a constant distraction. I loved “geeking
out” and ramping up during the week and building my business. A little
coding, a little marketing, and a lot of planning. Monday's were the
days when everyone went back to work and I could too. Well, a short
six months later and I too look forward to weekends. A time when I
can, like everyone else, relax a bit. Don't get me wrong – I still
like Monday's, but oh how I relish the weekend.

Today started out a perfect day. The weather finally cooled off this
week. (although this year has been relatively cool for Texas) The sky
was blue – the air was cool. The wife slept in and I had a chance to
pour through some mailing lists I had been neglecting. I took a ride
on the Harley to a little taqueria for some breakfast tacos. Oh, how I
love to ride my
. It's such a great feeling.

Anna and I are headed out to Emma Long Park for a quick camping trip with Anna's
family. We're in charge of dessert – marshmallows, Jiffy-Pop Popcorn,
and Smores.

I know I'll come home tomorrow fully rested and ready for another
exciting Monday. Whatever you do this weekend – make the most of it.
You only get two days to recharge for the following five. Life is too
short to let them slip by. I'm going to make the most of mine. I hope
you do too.

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