Attention everyone: please bookmark the following page

This is the Symantec Security Response online database. It contains extremely up-to-date information on computer viruses, worms and hoaxes. Especially hoaxes.

The next time you receive a frantic virus alert email, warning you to delete a file called jdbgmgr.exe, or not to open a certain file because IT WILL DELETE YOUR ENTIRE C: DRIVE, MY FRIEND OPENED IT AND NOW HE CAN'T START HIS COMPUTER!!!!, the first thing you should do is search the Symantec database and confirm that it's a legitimate virus warning, which it often isn't. Just type in the name of the “virus” and click “Search.”

Please do this before you forward the email to everyone in your address book and every mailing list you belong to.

As a simple precaution against real virii, you should never open any suspicious file attached to an email. Especially those that that end with (or contain) the .exe or .vbs extension. And especially if you are using Outlook as your mail program.