Simple Web Design GuidelinesThe following excerpt is from an email I sent to a client today. I typically do programming as opposed to a lot of layout and design, but I know what I look for when visiting or designing a web site.

    In designing any web site, the key to the layout is consistency, ease of use, and minimalization. You want to make sure that on every single page of your site, the header, navigation, and overall layout are as identical as possible. The user should be able to quickly identify where the navigation of the site is in contrast to the content and the header/logo should be a clear indication of which site they visiting. In addition, the header & navigation should make up the least amount of space on a given page. The visual “punch” should come from the content and pictures used to illustrate the content. After all, the visitor usually comes to your site to read your content, not see your layout or how cool you navigation is arranged.