Today’s version of the birds and bees

A little boy goes to his father and asks “Daddy, will you tell me how
was I born?”

The father debates answering, but finally says:

“Well, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!

Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo.

I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we then met at a cyber-

We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a
download from my hard drive.

As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of
us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete
button, a blessed little Pop-Up appeared nine months later and said
– You’ve Got Male!”

Vonage Free – Finally!!

Just for the record, for business use, Vonage Sucks. After being a
customer for almost 18 months, I am so relieved to be off their
system for good. It took every bit of 4 months to transfer my five
lines from Vonage to SBC, but it is finally done. When I had just a
single line, back when I first signed up, it worked fairly good. It
only went down a few times over about six months. As we moved out of
our house and into an office, added more lines, toll-free numbers,
and a fax line, the service went downhill fast. We even upgraded our
broadband connection to give us a better connection.

As Vonage began advertising their services and growing their
subscriber base, our service suffered. Customers would call and get
a “number disconnected” message, a fast busy, or it would just ring
and ring. Other times the service would just drop in the middle of a
call or would get scratchy when we were downloading a file – even
though we have a 3MB connection.

My phone bill with SBC is now three times what it was with Vonage,
but it is still worth it. If your phones don’t work, you can’t
instill confidence in your customers and prospects. Vonage, for
business use, is a gamble — and I’ve had better odds in Vegas.

If you’re looking into Vonage for personal use, I think it is a great
deal. It’s half the price of a typical carrier, but it’s also half
the service. Literally, you get what you pay for.

Followup: I wonder who Vonage uses for their phone service?

Quote from ‘Shall We Dance’

My wife and I watched the movie “Shall We Dance” the other day. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but she was particularly fond of the following quote. I thought I’d share it here:

Beverly Clark (Susan Sarandon): “We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things… all of it, all of the time, every day. You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.'”