A dad who is Misty-eyed

The following story appeared in Reader’s Digest: “One evening a woman and her husband went with friends to the restaurant where their teenage daughter, Misty, was working as a waitress. A man at a nearby table, who was probably fifteen years older than Misty, began flirting with her. She ignored his request for her phone number, but he persisted. Finally she stopped what she was doing and leveled her gaze at him. “Do you see that man?” she said, motioning toward her father. The patron turned in her parent’s direction. “That’s my dad,” Misty continued. “We have the same phone number. If you want it, get it from him.”

Traffic thought of the day

“Office Space” taught us not to get “lane envy” and to be patient with our
lane of traffic. But, it sure seems like I am in the wrong lane.

Have you ever noticed how many of the same people/cars you see every day on your commute to work?


My commute each morning is typically only 10-15 minutes. The distance is
about 8 miles. More than 6 of those are spent is bumper to bumper traffic.
I can only imagine how much time and money is wasted each day with folks
just sitting in traffic. If I was headed into Austin, I would easily have
another 30-40 minutes to go. I am so glad our office is in Round Rock.

Well, I am almost there. Time to focus on the day ahead!