Holiday Wishes

This morning, my wife sent me a link to a story entitled, “What kids really want for Christmas.” The story couldn’t be more true. It reminded me of what I personally look forward to each year. It isn’t the thought of what gifts I will receive. In fact, my wife and I rarely exchange gifts, especially since we’ve started having kids. What we really look forward to are reliving the memories of our youth. We love to tell and re-tell the memories that come rushing back this time of year. There are dozens of memories – sights, smells, sounds – that keep the Christmas spirit alive and strong. I look forward each Christmas to not only reliving the memories of the past, but ensuring that my children have memories of their own that will keep the Christmas flame burning bright in their hearts.

Whatever keeps the spirit alive in your heart, may all your holidays be bright.

So, what is “347” anyway?

About every 6-8 weeks, someone asks, “What does 347 stand for anyway?” It does have a lot of meaning, at least to me, but I don’t think I’ve ever written about it. I figured it would be easiest to document it, once and for all, and then just point people in the right direction when they ask.

There’s this little book called Life’s Little Instruction Book. In this book are hundreds of little “todos” that you should follow, reference, pay attention to, etc. Entry number 347 (in the edition that we own, however I have seen editions with different numbering) says, “Never underestimate the power of saying, ‘I Love You.'” Well, I received this book back in college when I was dating my wife (then girlfriend). I sent this book to her and marked #347. At that time, we hadn’t exchanged “I Love You’s” yet. When she received “the book” in the mail, she immediately called and professed her undying and eternal love to me. (awwwwww, how sweet!)

To make a long story short, the sign/phrase/number “347” has always been “our thing.” Yes, I realize it’s as cheesy as can be, but that’s how love goes, right?

The rest is history….

Infectious Moods

The Church of the Customer blog had an excellent post on moods in the workplace.

a. What is your personal mood?
b. Does your team amplify this mood (good or bad) or do they take on their own?
c. If there is a negatively amplified mood, how do you deter it?

Kids are great examples of this. You fly off the handle for a brief moment, not realizing it at all. The next thing you know, the kids are re-enacting your example, but at a greater amplitude than you originally perceived.

Dream Weekend

This weekend has been an absolute dream. I can’t express how much I needed it. Work this week was indescribable and I was in dire need of some distractions. We had our Christmas Potluck at the office on Friday. It was a lot of fun! Saturday, we hung out around the house for most of the day. My mom stopped by and brought us some lunch. That evening we went out to see Santa. Then we went over to the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We were able to see several members of the cast, including Ty Pennington. It was incredible to see so many volunteers, all of the energy, and an tremendous amount of enthusiasm from the crowd. They went from demolition to completion in less than 110 consecutive hours. AMAZING!! After that, we came home and watched Superman Returns. Sunday we lazed around in the morning, spent the afternoon helping my mom clean out her gutters, and then hit evening church. We were planning on capping the weekend with Nacho Libre, but we’re both exhausted. Tomorrow is going to be another rough day so we’ll need as much rest as possible. Since I haven’t been to bed before 3a for the past two nights, I’m going to call it “early” tonight and head for dreamland.