Hello? Anybody there?

Riley is sick this week with a nasty, nasty bug. She was pretty fussy so Jackie asked for a banana and held it up to her ear. Then she looked at Riley and said, “Hello? Is anybody there? I can hear you!” Then she looked at us and said, “It’s working! She likes it!”.

We thought she was just being her silly self, but she was trying to make Riley feel better. So cute!!


I held up my iPhone to take a picture of Riley, said her name, and when she turned to look at me she gave me a toothy grin and said, “Cheeeeeeese!” Unfortunately, I was too shocked to actually take the picture.

No More Blog Excuses

After months and months of a broken blog, I finally figured out the issue. The auto_increment function was disabled on my primary post table in mysql. After 15 minutes of geekery, I figured it out, changed the table, and we’re back in business. So, I’m now officially out of excuses. As you might expect, after six years of blogging, our entries have changed a bit. You’ll find this space focused on family and fun and how our house keeps afloat from day to day. We hope you enjoy!