There is something cute about …

an 18 month old who likes to hold out her little leg straight out and say “Heeeeeya!” over and over again! And if that wasn’t enough, learning that she too can use the word “Wait” and motion of the hand out to stop her Mommy and have an effect … she’s getting really good at that ;o)! I’ll be singing a song and she’ll motion and say “Wait” and giggle when I stop in mid-phrase! :oD And a beautiful little head tilt up with tons of feeling in her little face while she is pretend singing! ;o) You’re really cute little Ms. Riley! Love, Mommy

Capturing Moments

There are moments in our hectic daily lives that are just like Kodak moments. I want to burn the image in my mind and preserve it forever. And not only with what I see, what I hear and what I sense and feel! My girls have brought me such joy these last couple of days by interacting with each other in such a loving way. I’m going to make note of these moments just so that I don’t forget them and can recount these beautiful moments to them as the years pass!

1. Walking the trail at Champion Park (Dinasour Dig Park) on our way to the lake (what an adventure that was!). My big girl Katie and big girl wannabe Jackie running ahead, rather skipping ahead and “racing” each other and hearing them shriek with delight. I see both their smiles from a side view as they turn to each other and gauge where the other is. Their hair bouncing side to side as they skip. The background is a beautiful brown and green … full of trees, brush and a dirt trail.

2. Riley loves books. She chases me down a hallway with a book hollering at me to read to her in her unusually low, loud 18 month old voice. Yesterday I was busy and hurried with getting my little Jackie down for the night and in the process didn’t have time to read at that very moment to Riley. Riley is upset … she calls/yells to “Tatie!, Tatie!” and once Katie answers her … she says … “Mommy, nananaa, mamama bbuauaua!!!!!!” pointing her sweet little finger at me and tattle telling that I won’t read her her book right at this very moment and have hurt her feelings! Katie plainly feels her pain and decides to finish getting dressed and asks Riley to come and sit down next to her at the bottom of the bunk bed stair case. She reads her her book. All is well again with Riley!

3. Getting ready for Church. I change Riley’s diaper as usual on the changing table and because she is so mobile now and doesn’t sit still (she is a mover and a shaker!) I dress her while she stands. I put on a dress on her and to my surprise I see her sway back and forth and I hear her say … “Pincess” … sway, sway “Pincess, Mommy!”

You bring tears of joy to Mommy’s heart as you rekindle my own good childhood memories!

I love you dearly and sincerely, Mommy Meadows