13th Year Anniversary Memory

Well, 13 years and we stayed on the 13th floor of the Omni on our wedding night. ;o) Special number for us ;o).

What was even a more special for both of us was to hear our little Katie up and about the morning of our Anniversary … whistling, tip-toeing, and secretly opening and closing doors/refrigerators … the works. I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on as Andy and I still lay there in bed. Well … Katie “woke” us up to a “Happy Anniversary, to you … Happy Anniversary, to you!” song and holding in each hand was a plate with a peeled banana, a yogurt cup and a piece of bread that had been buttered. No sweeter gift did we receive that morning!

My sweet husband and I are truly blessed! My dear husband … thank you for sharing this wonderful life with me!

I love you! HB

Dentist Visit – April of 2010

So Katie (6) and Jackie (3.75) had a Dentist appointment a few days ago and it’s interestingly cute how it all turned out.

Katie was mortified at even the idea of going … she had tons of tartar on the bottom two teeth because they were new and the two teeth next to the two new teeth were wiggly so we’d not been very successful in getting a toothbrush in there either. Well, the dental hygienist was incredible. She was able to hold her ground and convince Katie to let her in and get to work. Those teeth came out beautifully clean (much cleaner than even I expected) and Katie couldn’t stop (and didn’t stop) smiling until we reached the house so she could show Daddy her bright shinning smile!

Jackie on the other hand, was clueless and excited about going. Well after Mr. Thirsty was turned on a couple of times after the Water Pik … well, Jackie was “ALL DOOOOOOOONEEE.” She shot up and there was no convincing her … the poor hygienist had to try to get as much of the fluoride toothpaste out by hand. Jackie was none too happy with her hygienist! ;o) As we were leaving she said she wanted nothing to do with them again. ;o)

When we got home and my Mom was getting them ready for bed, Katie had her little chart of her teeth and the areas that needed improvement in brushing and flossing. She studied it carefully and asked my Mom to help her get to those areas (carefully!). Well, Jackie … not wanting to be left behind … left the bathroom and came back a little while later. She had drawn up her own chart of her own sweet teeth and put it down on the counter and instructed G-ma where SHE needed help in brushing! ;o)

Sweet memory I wanted to commit to “paper.”

Love you girls so much! You bring so much joy to this little heart of mine!

Love, Mommy