First Sledding

Here is Jackie on her inaugural run with her new sled. We really have Jackie to thank for spurring us onward for this trip. She asked Santa for a sled for Christmas so she could slide in the snow. Problem is, we live in Austin and only see a dusting or two of snow and usually in February. So, if our baby girl was going to break in her new sled, we had some driving to do.

Jackie had a grin from ear to ear most of the day. It took her about 2 minutes to fall asleep tonight. Overall, I’d say the day, and the trip, were a complete success.


Sweetwater, TX

After a brief stop in Lampasas to feed Andrew, we headed towards Sweetwater, TX. Our gps took us on a rather unusual route, but we pulled into Sweetwater about 1:30am. The girls were awake after some restless sleep in the car so we had a quick snack of bananas and nutri-grain bars. Then they snuggled into bed and were asleep in minutes.

Our hotel had a nice complimentary breakfast so we are powered up for the day and headed west towards Ruidoso, New Mexico.


My Wife Is Amazing….and Patient

“Hey, Honey. What would you think about hopping in the car and driving north until we hit snow? I think the girls would have a blast.”


“No, really! It will be fun!!”

After a few more moments of silence, my amazing wife agrees that it will indeed be an adventure. The last time we took a random 2-day trip it turned out great, so surely a 5-day trip would be twice as great, right? Sooooooo, we rented a suburban (2 adults, 4 kids, all the fluffy, puffy winter clothing and baby-gear requires a monster vehicle), we are all loaded up, and we’re leaving tonight. We’re not entirely sure which direction we’re headed yet, but as soon as we hit snow, we’re there.

As my wife reminded me, in her endless wisdom, the vacation starts when we leave the driveway and ends when we open our front door. Everything in between is the stuff where memories are made.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and you can follow along. If anything, it will be an adventure.



Technology Is Amazing

I ordered a last-minute gift from Amazon. A text message told me it shipped the same day. This morning I received another text message saying it was delayed by at least a day. I searched the tracking code online at UPS. In under 10 minutes, they realized the issue (someone forgot to put it on the truck) and they immediately upgraded the shipping for a Saturday (Christmas Eve) delivery. True, it all would have worked out and I never would have known that this had even happened, however the fact that I could see the progress, the issue, and the immediate and proactive response means I’m even happier with Amazon and UPS. Bravo to both for making it all happen!